March 9, 2017

Onyah Designs – Business Story

I first heard about Onyah Designs last year when I was planning Hachie Holidays and Becca signed up as a vendor. I was drawn to simplicity of her work and the playfulness of each piece. A little about her work:

“A creative dreamer, a maker and a doer, the owner of Onyah, Becca Webb, is inspired by the creative in every day life. The opportunity… the gift to create on a daily basis is nourishing. And as Onyah flourishes, Becca takes advantage of the freedom to create as well as the freedom to deepen friendships, to make new friends, and to get involved in her community. Having something to offer, like jewelry, has opened doors in ways you cannot imagine. To help a son find a handcrafted gift for his mother or to provide a young woman just the right accessory for a date that will make her feel even more beautiful… these are moments that open up doors to intentional living.”

Becca enjoys the challenge of designing and creating Onyah’s handcrafted jewelry. With growth, she desires to become more involved in her community, inspire other artisans, and develop a support system for other small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can see what she’s offering right now and purchase some of her unique handmade pieces at

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