November 9, 2017

Meeting Asher – Denton, TX Birth Photographer

Ben and Anna were some of my very first birth clients 2 years ago when I ventured into the birth photography world. They trusted me to capture the birth of Theo even though I had very little birth photography experience at the time. It was quite the honor for them to ask me back for the birth of Asher.

Anna’s birth with Theo went so quickly and uneventfully that she ended up with an (unplanned) unmedicated birth which lead her to Inanna Birth and Women’s Care for her next pregnancy. Everything was going as planned and Asher was doing great for the entire pregnancy until suddenly in the middle of labor he did something none of us ever expected: he turned breech.

8:24pm – I receive a text from Anna that she is not sure if she’s in labor, but for some peace of mind they head to the birth center to get checked. Once arrives she discovers that she is progressing and 5cm dilated, labor is still in the early stages so she heads back home to rest.

11:46pm – Anna let’s me know things are getting real and they are heading back. I get my shoes on and jump in the car.

12:45am – I see Ben coming OUT of the birthing center as I’m getting my bags to go in and he tells me to leave my stuff in the car because there has been a sudden change of plans. Somehow in the space of 3 hours Asher is no longer head down and Anna’s contractions are getting more intense and closer together. The decision is made to transfer to the hospital for a c-section rather than attempting a vaginal breech birth.

When we arrive at the hospital things move quickly, first I’m told I would be let into the OR by one doctor but then the operating physician says she doesn’t want me in there. It’s frustrating, but I’m at the mercy of what the doctors will allow and it’s not my place to argue in these situations.

Thankfully the surgery went smoothly and I met Anna, Ben and baby Asher in the recover room where Asher was ready to nurse and snuggle.

Things don’t always go as planned, but in situations like these I love to remind families: This is your story. The story you will always tell your child as they grow up, the story that makes you unique, the story of the day you finally met your beloved child.

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