May 14, 2014

Lake Travis – Austin

I’m a military kid. Moving to Texas from Alaska in 2009 was my 9th major move. I’ve lived all over the place and pretty much hate the heat. But, since I’ve had kids I’ve realized how much easier it is to play outside in 90 degree weather as opposed to 20 degree weather. So for the first time (maybe ever) I’m excited about the summer months. Swimming, grilling, sitting on the porch swing… I can almost smell it.

This past weekend we went to see our family in Austin and kicked off the summer season with a little visit to Lake Travis. The weather was perfect and the water felt wonderful. The next few months are going to be delightful.

 LakeTravis-2 LakeTravis-1 LakeTravis-8LakeTravis-25 LakeTravis-26 LakeTravis-23LakeTravis-9LakeTravis-10LakeTravis-11LakeTravis-15LakeTravis-16LakeTravis-18LakeTravis-35LakeTravis-19LakeTravis-20LakeTravis-31LakeTravis-34LakeTravis-32LakeTravis-33LakeTravis-6

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