November 4, 2014

Pumpkin Patch, Midlothian, Tx Portrait Photographer

I love everything about fall… the bright colors, the crisp air, the festivities. All of it. Unfortunately, north Texas doesn’t really celebrate like other parts of the country. Sometimes in the early morning you can imagine that it is going to be a cool day, but then it gets up to 80 and you give in and trade your scarf, sweater, and boots for summer clothes again. I’m not complaining… well… maybe a little…

This past week we did actually have some cooler days, so of course I took my camera out to take some fall pictures of the kids. The first day at the pumpkin patch I hadn’t intended it to turn into a photo shoot, but I had dressed the girls nicely (for once) and they both had taken a bath recently, so I took advantage. My friend Jess and I grabbed some donuts then went to pick out a pumpkin for her daughter’s school project. The kids had so much fun and I LOVED the way the pictures turned out. So of course I told my sister in-law about it and we decided to dress the kids up and take cousin pictures two days later… with their halloween costumes on. Lyla and Paisley are Little Bo Peep and her sheep and Weston is a monkey (obviously).

Let me just tell you, putting costumes on two 11 month olds then trying to take their picture… chaos. Paisley just wanted to play in the dirt, Weston couldn’t get over the fact that Paisley was wearing a costume, and Lyla was just annoyed at the both of them. They were “breaking the rules” by crawling, talking, grabbing, etc. and she didn’t want any part of it.

*Deep sigh* I love my kids…

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One of my favs is the three cousins on the steps and Lyla has the annoyed look on her face. :) Great pictures!

17:26 November 4, 2014