October 10, 2014

Paisley, 10mons – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photographer

Most days I struggle to find the balance between giving my attention to the girls, my husband, the house, the cooking, the cleaning, my friends, my business, my extended family, exercise… and the list goes on! With so many things pulling me in one direction or another a lot of times I find myself doing a little bit of one thing and then doing a little bit of another thing and never actually completing anything fully. So I’ve been doing my best to prioritize and not get distracted. I’d say this is only possible 10% of the time because of a little person who is constantly getting in to things: Paisley.

Paisley is one of those kids that just surprises you with how quirky she is. This week she has been growling at us… just for fun… because she’s happy. She eats EVERYTHING off of the floor, but is much pickier with actual food. If you catch her being naughty (or startle her at all) she will crawl away as fast as possible (which is actually really fast) and put whatever she is holding into her mouth then clamp her jaw down so you can’t get it out. This is especially fun when there is also a 3 year old in the house who loves to hand things to her.. you know, beads, buttons, money, food from under the table. It’s great. Paisley never swallows these things, but she also barely has a gag reflex so she can shove a lot of stuff in those chipmunk cheeks.

These photos were shot randomly over the course of 6 minutes.

This is why I never get anything done… especially house cleaning.

Paisley10mon-1 Paisley10mon-2 Paisley10mon-3 Paisley10mon-4 Paisley10mon-5 Paisley10mon-6 Paisley10mon-7 Paisley10mon-8 Paisley10mon-9 Paisley10mon-10 Paisley10mon-11

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