Think back to your childhood. What are some of your most treasured memories with your family? A family vacation visiting the beach, jumping in the waves and making sand castles. A birthday party with all your favorite people, eating so much candy and cake that you still cringe at the thought of it. A song your mother always sang to you as you lay in bed while she brushed her fingers through your hair till you fell asleep.

For me, my most vivid memories of my family are the hours my brothers and I spent playing and creating together. We used our imagination to create kingdoms out of pool noodles and fight crime using popsicle sticks. Even as teenagers, the hours we spent in my bedroom in the basement scheming and plotting our next adventures are some of my most treasured times with my siblings that I can recall. Time is so fleeting and change is constantly happening around us and to us whether we want it or not.

As a documentary photographer, my job is to capture that. I spend a few hours, all day, or all week with you and your family just capturing real life as it unfolds. Think it might be weird to have me follow you around for a day? By the end of it we’ll be friends if we aren’t already, and after an hour or two you won’t even notice me anymore.