October 8, 2014

Mattix Family – Waxahachie, Tx Portrait Photographer

I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence as a military brat. My dad is still active duty Air Force which means I moved around a lot. Before we started all the moving around for the Air Force, my dad was working on his first (of many) graduate degree in Springfield, Missouri. As a military kid, I can count on one hand how many close family friends I have from my childhood. The Mattix family is one of them. We knew them and their extended family at the church we attended while in Springfield and became lifelong friends. Their oldest now attends the university just a few blocks away and she babysits my kids! What a weird small world we live in.

Last month they all came down to Waxahachie and they brought the newest member of their family: Elijah Mussie. They recently adopted this sweet, little guy from Ethiopia and he is fitting right in with this lively bunch! We spent the majority of our photo session laughing. Between Elijah shouting random things, Charley cracking jokes, and random hand holding (I’m looking at you Kaylee and Chaz… and Kaylee and Chariti… seems like the culprit is Kaylee!), we had so much fun walking around downtown Waxahachie. I really loved that they wanted to incorporate the jerseys and traditional Ethiopian outfits.

I’m so grateful for lifelong friendships and the memories that we have made together.

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