May 17, 2014

Matt – Senior Prom

My homeschool career started in 7th grade. Somehow I ended up going to 4 proms… yes, four.  I still don’t know how that happened, but it did. My husband, Chris, was lucky enough to escort me to 3 of those. I even wore a Versace dress to the last one (such a great thrift store find if I do say so myself). Looking back it’s so nostalgic and it’s hard to believe the last one was 6 years ago. For your viewing pleasure:


This past weekend we went down to Austin for Mother’s Day and it just so happened that it was prom weekend for Chris’ younger brother.  I had the privilege of documenting his pre-prom pictures. He looked so much cooler than we did…

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MattPromWP-11 MattPromWP-10 MattPromWP-13 MattPromWP-12 MattPromWP-15 MattPromWP-16 MattPromWP-17 MattPromWP-19 MattPromWP-18 MattPromWP-20 MattPromWP-25 MattPromWP-24 MattPromWP-23 MattPromWP-22 MattPromWP-21

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