June 11, 2015

Mary’s 1st Birthday – Dallas, TX Children’s Photographer

Being a parent is one one of the hardest, but most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The first few months are filled with so much love and doubt that it’s a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you are just so in love with your new baby and the next you are just so, SO sad that you can’t sleep or eat or shower or do anything without the little monster baby right there with you.

Then, just when you think it couldn’t get harder the Lord decided to give them teeth. Teething screws everything up. They never want to eat or sleep or do anything but drool and scream. Forget napping. But, around that same time they also start sitting up on their own, some take their first little scoots forward, and as a parent your heart just swells with pride. I taught them how to do that. You feed them their first little bites of food and can’t believe that they are old enough to be here already and at the same time life feels like it’s in slow motion.

Once they master crawling they move on to bigger and better things: eating trash off the ground, chewing on power cords, and knocking every cup, bowl and plate off the table EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL. But, around that same time they also utter their first “mama” or “dada” and once again you are brought to a place of awe and gratitude that you are the only one that gets that very special name; forever. When they stumble through their first steps towards you and fall into your arms, there is no greater feeling of love and accomplishment.

YOU made it through the first year, YOU raised that beautiful child and taught them all the things they know, even though you messed up along the way, YOU DID IT. The best (and most terrifying) part is, it’s only been a year! You still have so many more memories to make and it’s only just beginning.

Happy 1st year Blake, Katy, and Mary. May you savor every wonderful, terrible, and mediocre moment you share together… it only happens once.Mary1stWP-1

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