January 8, 2015

Mary Lillia – 6 months, Dallas Family Photographer

I seriously love fall, especially brightly colored leaves when they cover the ground like a blanket. I only wish the season lasted longer down here in Texas, or came during the appropriate month. I think I’ve become accustomed to these mild Texas “winters” because I just do not enjoy harsh temperatures anymore (I moved here from Alaska 5 years ago). Especially now that I have kids, I just can’t wait for it to be summer again.

Anyone remember this little cutie from a few months ago? Well she has gotten even cuter since the last time I saw her. She had just woken up from her nap when I arrived at their home, so she was a little groggy… but who doesn’t love little baby yawns? She made us work for the smiles though! Luckily for us, even though it was December, the weather was just a little cool so we could enjoy the beautiful sun light that happens right at the end of the day without freezing (like this week!). I really love capturing these adorable little ones as they grow up and I can’t wait till our next shoot with the whole family together. Mary6monWP-1 Mary6monWP-2 Mary6monWP-5 Mary6monWP-11 Mary6monWP-3 Mary6monWP-4 Mary6monWP-7 Mary6monWP-8 Mary6monWP-9 Mary6monWP-10

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