September 18, 2014

Lyla and the Binoculars

Lyla Jane. She has been quite the personality ever since she was just a day old. And now she’s just turned 3 on “August 9pt” (yes, I said pt… not th) and she will tell you even now that her birthday was yesterday. She doesn’t always use words like “yesterday, last night, last year” correctly. She will talk your ear off though. By the time you are done having a 5 minute conversation with her she will have given you her entire family history and everything she has eaten for the past 3 years. I’m exaggerating, but only a little. Sometimes she is the most frustrating little being in the entire planet and then the next minute you are a puddle of mush from how sweet she is. Her most favorite things right now: Chick-fil-A, Paisley (aka Paisies, Paisey, or Pais-a-wee), and going to the hills (aka going in the wagon to the SAGU campus where Chris works). This impromptu session captures those 3 things.

That day my grandma came over for lunch and treated us to Chick-fil-A since she knows how much Lyla loves it. It’s always this HUGE decision at the end of her meal whether or not to keep the toy or trade it in for ice cream. This time she chose to keep the toy. It now has a permanent place in the wagon and has become one of her favorite things to do on our walks… besides pulling around Paisley.

Lyla3yrs-2 Lyla3yrs-3 Lyla3yrs-1 Lyla3yrs-4 Lyla3yrs-5 Lyla3yrs-6 Lyla3yrs-7 Lyla3yrs-8 Lyla3yrs-9 Lyla3yrs-10 Lyla3yrs-11 Lyla3yrs-12 Lyla3yrs-13 Lyla3yrs-14 Lyla3yrs-15 Lyla3yrs-16 Lyla3yrs-17 Lyla3yrs-18 Lyla3yrs-19


Carla Baca

These pictures are absolutely beautiful - Lyla Jane and Paisley, such happy little children!

13:33 October 12, 2014

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