March 10, 2016

Hesseltine Family – Dallas, TX Family Photographer

Sitting at my desk today listening to the low rumble of the thunder in the distance reminds me of one of my sessions from the fall. The weather on that day was a lot like it is today, only much colder. It was a dreary day and I wasn’t quite sure how the kids would do with the cool weather. The wind was blowing and the grass was a little muddy, but the Hesseltine family and I had a great morning together exploring the grounds of The Lodge on Red Oak Creek. The last time I saw the Hesseltine family it was for Elliot’s first birthday photos. In a years time both the boys had grown so much. I always love seeing repeat clients year after year, capturing each special phase in their lives.Hesseltine16-1Hesseltine16-2Hesseltine16-3Hesseltine16-4Hesseltine16-5Hesseltine16-6Hesseltine16-7Hesseltine16-8Hesseltine16-9Hesseltine16-10Hesseltine16-11Hesseltine16-14Hesseltine16-12Hesseltine16-13Hesseltine16-15Hesseltine16-16Hesseltine16-17Hesseltine16-18Hesseltine16-19Hesseltine16-20Hesseltine16-22Hesseltine16-23Hesseltine16-21