Nitrous for labor
Black Midwery
bathroom labor
dallas birth photography
mother breastfeeding in recovery
birthing center transfer to hospital
father waiting for c-section
Last belly picture
Dallas Birth Photography
Dallas Midwife
Birthing Center Labor Dallas
Black woman in labor
Women of Color in Labor
Ft. Worth C-section Photography
squishy baby
grandma holding grandson
father gazing at first son
Dallas Birth Photographer
new baby
mother in labor
father holding newborn boy
mother breastfeeding
new family in hospital together
big brother waiting for baby
brothers seeing baby for the first time
brothers surveying the birth pool
working through contractions
siblings during labor
surprise gender
big brother looking and mother
grandpa with grandson
Birth Photography Matthew 10
Birth Photography Matthew 14
Birth Photography Matthew 27
Birth Photography Matthew 25

September 20, 2016