April 26, 2017

The Perrys- Newborn Family Photography

If you google the words “Family Photography” you are bound to get a variety of photographers, editing and photography styles. Everything from the traditional JC Penny studio poses to documentary style photography with no setup or posing. Each style of photography is useful for different seasons or occasions in life. However, my favorite is definitely lifestyle and documentary family photography.

When I discussed scheduling a newborn session with the Perry family following their birth, I suggested we take a more natural approach similar to their birth photos. With the documentary family approach the goal is to capture real life as it unfolds without posing or intervening. Day in the Life sessions give you the feeling of experiencing the family’s real life as if you were really there with them. I love this for many reasons, mainly because it’s so authentic. 

As new parents, having a baby in the house is an entirely new experience. The Perrys wanted to freeze time for a minute and remember what this phase was like for them. Days filled with lots of nursing, snuggling in bed, going for walks and playing in the nursery. Not to mention, acclimating Winston to his new baby brother who steals all the attention.

Keeping the dog away from the baby. Changing the baby's clothes. Crying baby getting dressed. Dog and baby sitting on bed. Baby looking at daddy. Lifestyle family photo in bedroom. Man petting dog during family photos. Stretching baby. Dog on bed family photos. Father gazing at newborn son. Baby looking in mirror. Tummy time on the play mat. Newborn photo. Baby hands. Baby details: eyelashes. Father playing with some in the crib. Family time in the nursery. Reading books as a family. Baby sticking tongue out. Mother kissing son on the cheek. Family in son's nursery. Baby getting diaper changed. Playing with son on the changing table. Baby sticking tongue out on changing table. Family walk around the neighborhood. Taking the dog for a walk with the new baby.

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