December 2, 2014

Erwin Family – Dallas, Tx Family Photographer

Before I married Chris, I was an Erwin. That means a lot of things. Mainly, we Erwins are weird… not weird, just quirky… quirky sounds better. As teenagers my two brothers and I would make random videos everywhere we went, doing things like eating food coloring, sliding down glaciers on the sign that says “do not climb on glaciers”, taunting the wildlife in Alaska (I was a teenager and stupid, don’t judge me), and the list goes on. As I’ve mentioned before, my dad is in the Air Force so we’ve moved around so much we all landed in different places as adults. Until last year when my younger brother moved just 30 minutes away from us. Now we get to see each other almost every week and our little ones get to grow up together.

Weston (my nephew) and Paisley (my youngest) are only 11 days apart. Although you would never guess it based on their size and personality differences. Weston started out at 7lbs and Paisley was 10lbs 6 oz, he is now 10lbs heavier than her at 25lbs and several inches taller. He is super laid back and likes to take everything in before doing anything, and Paisley will talk the entire time she is around him and walk/crawl circles around him while he just chills. Seriously, I can’t wait to see them as teenagers together. I predict a lot of eye rolling.

So “the babies” (as we all call Weston and Paisley) just turned one last month so I finally convinced my brother to let me take some family pictures of the 3 of them. And of course a 1 year shoot for Weston, which wouldn’t be complete without a cake smash (although Paisley refused on her birthday, but that’s another story) and bubble bath.

Just a side note, that cake was delicious. After Weston was done smashing it I scraped off what I could and shamelessly ate the rest, then considered eating the stuff he had smashed. It was that good.

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