January 4, 2016

Corban’s Birth – Waxahachie, TX Birth Photographer

As I think back on 2015 there are several things that stand out to me. This was the year that I decided to take a leap into unknown territory. I was scared and unsure of myself, but I had a feeling deep inside that told me this was the right thing to do. I posted in a local Mom’s facebook group asking if anyone would let me photograph their birth. Crazy right? No one would let a stranger into their birth space… within 10 minutes I had 25 people interested. I was in shock and so excited all at the same time.

I knew if I wanted to be a birth photographer I needed to change up my gear bag a bit. I sold a lens and bought 2 more, networked like crazy, and bravely waited as my “on call” window approached for my first client. I was terrified, excited, and so ready! Somehow I knew it would be a life changing experience.

From the first moment I stepped in the door everything felt so right. Even after hours of waiting for the baby to arrive I was energized like I had never felt with other sessions. Don’t get me wrong, families, children and newborns are wonderful. But there is something so sacred about witnessing a new life coming in to this world.

So this is what I do. I am a birth photographer. I will still take on weddings on a case by case basis, but my primary focus is here.

Meet Corban…

On the first day of fall, little Corban made his grand entrance.

CorbanWP-1 CorbanWP-2 CorbanWP-3 CorbanWP-4 CorbanWP-5 CorbanWP-6 CorbanWP-7 CorbanWP-8 CorbanWP-9 CorbanWP-10 CorbanWP-11 CorbanWP-12 CorbanWP-13 CorbanWP-14 CorbanWP-17 CorbanWP-15 CorbanWP-16CorbanWP-18CorbanWP-20
CorbanWP-22 CorbanWP-23
CorbanWP-26 CorbanWP-27 CorbanWP-28
CorbanWP-31 CorbanWP-32 CorbanWP-33 CorbanWP-34 CorbanWP-35 CorbanWP-36 CorbanWP-37 CorbanWP-38 CorbanWP-39 CorbanWP-40 CorbanWP-41 CorbanWP-42 CorbanWP-43 CorbanWP-44 CorbanWP-45 CorbanWP-46 CorbanWP-47 CorbanWP-48
CorbanWP-51 CorbanWP-52 CorbanWP-53 CorbanWP-54 CorbanWP-55 CorbanWP-56 CorbanWP-57 CorbanWP-58 CorbanWP-59 CorbanWP-60 CorbanWP-61 CorbanWP-62 CorbanWP-63



Just stunning! Loved seeing the emotion on dad's face!

13:17 January 14, 2016


So many beautiful images! Gorgeous work!

13:29 January 14, 2016

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