November 4, 2015
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Pumpkin Patch – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photographer

These little monsters are giving me a run for my money today. I decided it would be best to think happy thoughts about them and look at photos of them being sweet... cuz today I definitely need a reminder! The current fight is over a small stuffed animal polar bear that neither of them have ever played with. BUT, because Paisley picked it up and decided it was her most favorite toy EVER, Lyla no ...

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October 29, 2015

The Perry Family – Waxahachie, TX Photographer

If you know me, or follow my blogs, you know that I've been a military kid for most of my life. I've traveled from coast to coast and met so many amazing people along the way. I don't have a hometown, I don't know any kids that I went to kindergarden with (I skipped kindergarden, but that's not the point), and I don't even come CLOSE to understanding what it would be like to grow up in the same ho ...

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October 9, 2015
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The Balogh Family – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photographer

  When Lyla was first born, more than 4 years ago, we had no idea what we were doing. I had a pretty traumatic birth experience and was bed ridden for about 2 weeks, which left Chris with a lot of the responsibilities aside from nursing. Before she was born he had never even changed a diaper, so there was quite the learn curve when she arrived. When I was teaching Chris to change her diaper ...

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September 29, 2015
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National Coffee Day 2015 – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photographer

I was planning to write a big blog post about coffee and it's significance in my life and how it reminds me of when Chris and I first started dating... And then I remembered I already did that... last year. So, I went and reread my post from last year and the words are so special to me so I think I'd like to share them again in case you missed it, with some new pictures of course: I love the smel ...

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September 21, 2015
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Pickin’ Pears – Dallas, TX Lifestyle Photography

My grandparents' house holds some of the clearest memories of my childhood. As a military kid for most of my life, we would go back to their house every summer to visit friends and family. Once, my dad was stationed on a remote assignment for a year and we lived there with my mom. During that year my brothers and I would play this game where we would try and guess what my grandma was cooking for d ...

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September 7, 2015
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Alison – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photographer

Sometimes I feel like I have absolutely nothing to say. Sometimes I feel like I have used up all my brain power trying to explain simple concepts to the little terrors girls that live in my house and insist on saying my name 10,000 times a day. But sometimes I feel like I am completely lacking in beautiful words to describe how I am feeling. This is how I feel about Alison and her adorable little ...

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September 3, 2015
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Lyla and Reese – Waxahachie, TX Children’s Photographer

This has been a rough week. Saturday I took the girls down to Austin to See Chris's dad and stepmom for a couple of hours while they were in town from Louisiana. On the drive down I noticed Lyla was coughing and generally acting not like herself. We met Cisco and Kera for brunch at Hillside Farmacy in Austin (which was delicious by the way) and Lyla wouldn't even touch her food or get off my la ...

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September 2, 2015
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Meeting Theo – Dallas, TX Birth Photographer

As a birth photographer it is not uncommon for me to go to a hospital a few times a month. It was a little weird getting used to the hospital environment at first, but I quickly acclimated to the ebb and flow of the labor and delivery ward. Each hospital is different and so is each birth. Some mothers want it to be silent while they concentrate through contractions others want to be distracted, so ...

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August 19, 2015
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Allie and Isaac – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photography

Allie was the second mother that I chose to photograph for my motherhood nursing project. Isaac is the oldest little one in the group, turning 2 in September. I chose the mothers based on several different criteria and one of them was the age of the child. A lot of people don't realize that the health benefits of nursing extend past the child's first birthday for the mother and the child. Often mo ...

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August 18, 2015
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Ashley, Mycah & Reagan – Waxahachie, TX Lifestyle Photographer

Last month I had an idea. I realized that throughout my journey as a mother and photographer I very rarely have gotten someone to take any pictures of me and my girls. I always feel weird handing over the camera and saying, "hey can you take my picture?" Something in me feels a little vain asking someone to do that... I don't know... Anyways, so my idea was that I would take photos of mothers and ...

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