January 3, 2018

The Best Birth Photos of 2017 – Lane B Photography

Wow 2017 is over, it’s hard to believe! This year I had the honor of working with 10 families as they brought new life into the world. Here are the stats:

10 Beautiful Babies (9 Boys, 1 Girl)

8 Hospital Births

1 Home Birth

1 Birthing Center Birth

2 C-Sections

3 Repeat Clients

6 Crying Dads

1 Leaking Water Bottle from MY BAG that we thought was a faulty IV making a giant puddle

3 Precipitous Labors (Less than 3 hours from active contractions to delivery)

2 Birthing Center to Hospital Transfers

5 Midwives

18 Grandparents

1 Very Fortunate Birth Photographer

mother and father during labor newborn in hospital dad crying with first child new parents father kissing mother new baby breasting newborn newborn girl contractions baby details with parents newborn holding father's hand grandpa with grandson c-section photo skin to skin with newborn grandma meeting newborn squishy baby working through contractions siblings during labor surprise gender big brother looking and mother herbal bath with mother  grandma holding grandson mother doing skin to skin birthing center transfer to hospital father waiting for c-section newborn boy mother breastfeeding in recovery mother and father looking at newborn baby toes new baby father holding newborn boy mother taking photo of newborn for Instagram mother in labor mother breastfeeding newborn boy in hospital new family in hospital together big brother waiting for baby brothers seeing baby for the first time brothers surveying the birth pool newborn in herbal bath




Such beautiful images! Congrats to all the families!

16:57 January 4, 2018


i love each photo with little tiny fingers holding onto larger hands. all the hands holding onto babies are beautiful too. hands. i think i like hands.... yep, i do.

17:16 January 4, 2018

Vanessa Mendez

So So beautiful! I love how you carefully picked these images to tell small stories of the beautiful births you cpatured in 2017. You can feel the emotion behind each image, wonderful work!

17:34 January 4, 2018


haha! I love your stats. That first image totally put a smile on my face. Amazing collection of images for these families. Looking forward to seeing all your 2018!

17:36 January 4, 2018

melissa b

I love your stats! Each image is perfectly chosen <3 Great work!

19:10 January 4, 2018

Brittany Reynosa

What a beautiful and exciting year you had!! These are so great. I love the first one with dad and the oxygen - haha!

19:25 January 4, 2018