August 21, 2014

Baby Silas

Before I started blogging, my husband was the one who got a chance to hear all the back stories behind the shoots. So many fun memories were captured, but even more happened behind the scenes. Over the next few months I hope to include some of these stories (as time and editing allow) and share a little bit more of the awesome people I get the chance to photograph.

So, here is baby Silas. His big sister Ellie was so excited to meet him and is just so sweet to him all the time. She was quite the character during our shoot and kept us all laughing while Silas just laid there happy as can be (see if you can find her unexpected sneeze). For the shoot Silas was just a few weeks old, but he isn’t a tiny baby anymore he’s actually almost 8 months now. So glad I was able to freeze time for just a little bit and capture this precious time.

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