August 26, 2014

Aubrey & Lucas – Waxahachie TX, Photographer

These two are just the best of friends. I’ve known their family for the past couple of years and Aubrey is always taking care of her baby brother. Lucas wasn’t too thrilled about having to sit and get his picture taken, but you can just tell how much he adores his big sister. They were laughing and tickling, making silly faces and hugging. It’s always such a joy to photograph siblings when they love each other like these two do.

These shoot was the first of  my fall mini shoots and their mom, Shelby, said she wanted some fun, silly, pictures for their playroom. Nothing says fun like some toys, a tire swing, and a playground maze. We had so much fun taking the pictures, Aubrey and Lucas were great models.

Aubrey&Lucas-1 Aubrey&Lucas-2 Aubrey&Lucas-5 Aubrey&Lucas-7 Aubrey&Lucas-8 Aubrey&Lucas-9 Aubrey&Lucas-10 Aubrey&Lucas-11 Aubrey&Lucas-12 Aubrey&Lucas-16 Aubrey&Lucas-17Aubrey&Lucas-21 Aubrey&Lucas-23 Aubrey&Lucas-24 Aubrey&Lucas-26 Aubrey&Lucas-29 Aubrey&Lucas-31 Aubrey&Lucas-34 Aubrey&Lucas-35 Aubrey&Lucas-36 Aubrey&Lucas-37 Aubrey&Lucas-40 Aubrey&Lucas-41 Aubrey&Lucas-39 Aubrey&Lucas-42 Aubrey&Lucas-38 Aubrey&Lucas-45 Aubrey&Lucas-46 Aubrey&Lucas-49 Aubrey&Lucas-48 Aubrey&Lucas-50

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